We have had some wonderful sunny weather lately which has given me lots of time in the garden. Of course it didn’t last as today was crazy windy and I had to close up my grow house again as it was shaking and I was scared it would get pulled apart. My dream for the future is to get a proper greenhouse with toughened glass so I can have all my plants in there and not worry whether they will fall over when it’s windy.

But for now all my seedling get to hang out in the house until they are big and strong enough to be planted into bigger pots outside. Although the question is how long that will be for as I have had lots of problems (as I’m sure lots of people have as well) finding soil and compost.

I have a couple of new plants that I wanted to try out this year including, broccoli and beetroot. We’ll see in a few months whether I have gone over my head with it all. But gardening is all about experimenting and learning from your mistakes right? While most of the vegetable plants are doing great there is one that took forever to pop up, the sweet pepper. I had no problems with them last year but this year I had to plants o many seeds and they just refused to germinate. I was about to give up until one tiny little seedling decided to pop up, it was also the last seed I had. Anywhoo here are some of the seedling that are very happy and thriving in my kitchen and bedroom window at the moment.

My tomato plants, these guys have grown quite a lot and desperately need to be planted into something bigger so I really hope that soil and compost arrives soon. I am growing two varieties this year, Ildi which is a yellow pear shaped tomato and Gardeners delight which is a red cherry tomato. They are both delicious and last year I had bowl fulls of them.

This year I decided to grow some sweet peas as well, I have always loved the beautiful colors they produce plus they smell amazing. I am trying to grow three different varieties, Oxford Blue, King’s high scent and Matucana. I planted all the sweet peas at the same time, in the same kind of pot soil but they are taking different times to germinate. The fastest one was the Matucana, about a week later King’s high scent decided to pop up but so far nothing from the Oxford Blue.

My chili plants. I will be growing Habanero this year so am really looking forward to see them grow.

Broccoli. Never attempted broccoli before so we’ll see how this goes 😉

I decided to grow some radishes as well but these have been grown in troughs in my kitchen window so they are pretty much fully grown. The good thing about the radishes is you can grow them in batches. Plant a few seeds and when they become seedlings plant some more so that way by the time you harvest some of them you’ll have others ready for harvest in a few weeks.

And last but not least my little sweet pepper seedling. I have to be very careful with it and give it lots of love if I want it to grow up.


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