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How to propagate a cactus

While I have been mostly focusing on the cooking part on my blog lately, it does not mean that I have forgotten my plants. As this was initially a blog about the start of my urban garden to be honest it was a bit of a dissappointment this year. My

A step by step guide on how to propagate a nectarine from seed.

How to grow a nectarine tree from a seed.

The good, the bad and the frustrating of gardening.

While this weeks update on my urban garden was going to be a completely positive one (I had this draft here for a few days I just needed to add the photos) tradgedy sadly struck. My poor, very loyal growhouse got completely shattered in the wind yesterday. I’ve had the

Seedlings everywhere

We have had some wonderful sunny weather lately which has given me lots of time in the garden. Of course it didn’t last as today was crazy windy and I had to close up my grow house again as it was shaking and I was scared it would get pulled

Growing avocado tree from seed pt.2

I have noticed that my post from six months ago about growing avocado plants from a seed (see post here) has had a lot of views lately so I thought I would give a little update about how my plants are doing. I am happy to say that they are

Growing avocado tree from seed

Now that the summer is over and I don’t have as much time to do anything in the garden for the time being (trying to balance two part-time jobs while looking for a full-time one while also trying to finish my studies has been absolutely draining to be honest) I

Wake up,work,eat,sleep……

Unfortunately I had to neglect the blog for a while. Life has kept me busy. Had an exam to prepare for, have also been taking driving lessons and had the theory exam to prepare for as well, very busy at work, also very busy trying to find other work as

courgette seedling


Thought for my first post I would write about my lovely courgette plant and its progress so far. I have always wanted to have a garden but living in London and trying to find a place to live where having a garden was possible has not been easy nor cheap.

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