These three are the avocado plants that managed to actually sprout! The tall avocado plant to the right even survived my cat chomping off the first stalk that it grew and it just decided to grow a second one on the side because why not?

Now that the summer is over and I don’t have as much time to do anything in the garden for the time being (trying to balance two part-time jobs while looking for a full-time one while also trying to finish my studies has been absolutely draining to be honest) I decided to try my luck at growing some avocado in my kitchen window which luckily still manages to get lots of sunlight. I used the ‘toothpick in seed and put in a jar of water’ method which I have to say has worked really well so far. Somewhere along the way I ran out of toothpicks though so decided to just use the bottles in the picture above as those bottle necks were the perfect size for the avocado seed to just rest on. If you do that just make sure the bottom of the avocado seed is touching the water at all times. It took a lot of patience I have to admit, which I don’t always have! It took about three weeks for my avocado seeds to even start showing some kind of change so if nothing has happened to yours yet don’t fret just be patient 😉

The first stage of the sprouting is for the root(s) to start growing!
I like to refer to this stage as the sperm stage, I’m sure you can figure out why!

The payoff of the long wait has been great and I am so happy for my little avocado plants. Not all of them were so successful though, two of the avocado seeds that I prepped cracked open all the way while sprouting and some avocado seeds I dropped while changing the water and they broke off of course. It happens and it’s okay!

Now, I know it is quite ambitious to try and grow an avocado tree in the UK climate but I have always liked the way the avocado tree looks with its big green leaves and I have to say I am off to a good start. At the moment I have three plants plants growing in my window and they will soon be ready to go in their pots. To be honest I think they already are ready but I just haven’t had time to pot them yet. I will keep the avocado trees as house plants once I have had a chance to put them in some soil and who knows maybe in like 10 years I might get a small avocado if I keep the trees warm enough haha

I just love the big green leaves that the avocado plant produces. I think these avocado plants will make great beautiful house plants in the future!
Sprouted avocado seedling in jars full of water.
Does anybody know why avocado seeds produce different kind of roots? I am very curious about that.

3 thoughts on “Growing avocado tree from seed

  1. Love growing avocados at home, we have 5 at the moment! One that sits right in the sun in our bedroom window has grown well over a meter tall and is now looking like it’s starting to branch as well :O pretty amazing!


    1. That’s amazing! I have a south facing bedroom window and I think that has helped a lot but never thought I’d actually manage to have them grow here in the UK since we don’t get so much sun and the reason I ended up with 4 of them was because I wasn’t sure that even one would sprout and I was lucky that all of them did 🙂

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