Unfortunately I had to neglect the blog for a while. Life has kept me busy. Had an exam to prepare for, have also been taking driving lessons and had the theory exam to prepare for as well, very busy at work, also very busy trying to find other work as being a nanny is just not my thing anymore. But now I am off for a while … So here I am at home with a glass of red wine trying to come up with some words.

My garden has unfortunately also been neglected A LOT! I have managed to water it almost every day as we had some record breaking heatwaves, you know one of those where you just walk around in your underwear and refuse to leave the house? Or maybe that’s just me 😉

I did manage to grow two full (or maybe that’s not the best description) courgettes and I have to tell ya they sure were tasty! The looks on the other hand I’m not so sure about. This one grew in one of those weeks where everything was crazy and I just felt exhausted coming home and ended up not watering every day so it dried up at the tip.

Would probably not have won any beauty contests but it sure was tasty!

I have managed to grow some chili peppers as well. These came from some seeds I received after having lunch at a Wahaca long time ago. I had forgotten about them until I was cleaning out my wallet and wound them wedged into one of the pockets. I did not have much hope for them but they grew into two very productive plants. One of the plants has about ten chilies growing on it. Once they fully mature I’ll make some Chili with all the cans of beans and chopped tomatoes I have in the cupboard.

I will try to upload this page more often over the summer at least as I have more time. But of course I have another exam and lots of job searches to do so we’ll see. Wish me luck!


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