Thought for my first post I would write about my lovely courgette plant and its progress so far.

I have always wanted to have a garden but living in London and trying to find a place to live where having a garden was possible has not been easy nor cheap. After renting for a long time in places with no access to a garden, I can say that now finally my dream has come true. The garden at our new place was not well kept and I thought that there was no way such a big space was going to go to waste, so about two months ago I decided to buy some seeds and try my luck at gardening. At first I bought some flowers, Cosmos and Poppies just to get a feel of how it would go. This is when I realised that the south facing kitchen window was a fantastic spot for seedlings to grow. Once the flowers started to emerge from the soil my fingers started to itch and I decided to buy some more, but this time instead of flowers I bought various vegetables. Tomatoes were an obvious choice (and I will write about them soon as well) as they tend to be quite easy to grow, but I also decided to try my luck at growing courgettes. And I have to say that so far the planting journey has been a fun and exciting one. Some photos here to showcase my courgette progress. I am hoping for some full grown courgettes in the next week or so, so keep an eye out on my Instagram


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