Margate to Ramsgate walk

For my first travel post I thought I'd share my last hike, which we did from Margate to Ramsgate. Or I guess it would be more classed as a walk, a nice relaxing albeit quite hot walk. We did this walk in July this summer and it was such a great experience. (and this time … Continue reading Margate to Ramsgate walk

brushetta recipe

10 minute Bruschetta

This bruschetta is my go to snack for when I feel peckish but don't want to go to the shop or eat junk. The ingredients in this bruschetta are pretty much what I always have at home so it helps when those cravings set in, and it really does take only 10 minutes. While I … Continue reading 10 minute Bruschetta

Chickpea and beetroot burgers

I have made these chickpea and beetroot burgers several times now. I made a similar version at work once but there were a few ingredients I didn't like and so have made a few adjustments and made them my own. The vegetarian burgers have become a permanent dinner staple in our household and were approved … Continue reading Chickpea and beetroot burgers

Roasted Sweet pepper spread

I used to love this roasted sweet pepper spread/dip when I was a child. In Bosnia (where I was born) it's called Ajvar, and to be completely honest I had no idea it was so easy to make. I remember eating it on a slice of homemade bread as a child so when I saw … Continue reading Roasted Sweet pepper spread