For my first travel post I thought I’d share my last hike, which we did from Margate to Ramsgate. Or I guess it would be more classed as a walk, a nice relaxing albeit quite hot walk. We did this walk in July this summer and it was such a great experience. (and this time I remembered to reapply sunscreen, not like our Seven Sisters hike which I will cover in a different post)

If you are after a more relaxing walk I would definitely recommend this one, and if you feel truly adventerous you could even bring the kids along as there are loads of spots to stop on the beach for some fun. It’s a perfect way to spend some time outside of the rumble and bustle of London. The entire walk took us about 3 hours but you could definitely make a whole day out of it, and there is so much to see. If you are coming from London you can take a train from Victoria to Ramsgate which takes approximately 1 1/2 h.

About an hour into the walk you will come to Botany Bay which is stunning. Pictures don’t really do it justice to be honest, you just have to be there yourself and experience those waves hitting the rocks.

Then after another hour we found this lovely little path that we thought led down to the beach but it really didn’t and it wasjust a bunch of cliffs. But the view was amazing!


On our walk we happened upon some ruins as well, unfortunatley did not investigate too much as there were people playing golf right next to it and I didn’t fancy any golf balls on my head.

ruins found in broadstairs
Ruins in Broadstairs

We also walked by Kingsgate Castle which was lovely.

Kingsgate Castle
Kingsgate Castle in the forefront
kingsgate castle kent
Kingsgate Castle, Kent

We unfortunately couldn’t go in but did happen to walk by when the gate opened for someone.

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