These past few weeks have been quite exhausting to be honest. Now that it’s almost the end of the year the usual stress keeps coming back. Will I finally manage to find a new job? Will I even have a job at the end of the year? This whole year has been one giant rollercoaster, and I love rollercoasters don’t get me wrong. But when you get off a rollercoaster you’re supposed to have loved the experience and can’t wait to get back on. So this year I guess has been more of a malfunctioning ride, one of those where they stop the car in the middle of the ride and you’re at a standstill.

Anywhoo, all is not doom and gloom and we are here for a recipe after all. So, this rainbow lasagna isn’t your typical lasagna. First of all there’s no pasta so it is pretty light, and second it is made of vegetables. And if you get vegan cheese or omit the cheese all together it can be a great vegan dish as well. Granted you wouldn’t serve it with fish though ;). I made something similar for the kids at work and thought I’d put my own little spin on it and share it with you all. You only need a couple of basic ingredients for this vegetable lasagna and you’re good to go. All the vegetables I used, except for the sweet potato, came in my Oddbox so it was a great way to use up those vegetables I didn’t have anything else planned for. And by the way if you are in the UK and would like to try Oddbox and get £10 off your first box click Here. This isn’t an advertisement for Oddbox I just like them and they’re doing a great job at trying to curb food waste.

So shall we get on with the recipe then!

Put oven on 180c fan


1 400g tin chopped tomatoes

1tsp dried rosemary

1tsp dried thyme

1 bayleaf

2 cooked beetroots (if using raw ones I found it easier to slice them first and then boil them for approx. 10min just to soften them up a bit.)

1 medium courgette

1 medium sweet potato

1 medium yellow carrot (an orange one is fine as well, this is just what I had on hand.)

2 packets of mozzarella cheese

Start by emptying your chopped tomatoes into a sauce pan. Add the herbs and simmer on low for about 30 minutes or so. In the meantime slice your vegetables thinly. I used my Kenwood Chef food processor attachment with the slicer to do mine as then I would get the same even slices for all the vegetables. Slice your mozzarella and set aside. Once the chopped tomatoes are done simmering pour the contents into a rectangular oven safe dish and start layering your vegetables and cheese as seen below:

Put the dish, covered in tin foil, in the oven for about 30 minutes or until all the vegetables are nice and soft. Uncover and cook for another 5-10 minutes until the cheese on the top gets some color. Serve with something else on the side. We ate ours with some lemony haddock and wilted spinach on the side.



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