I have noticed that my post from six months ago about growing avocado plants from a seed (see post here) has had a lot of views lately so I thought I would give a little update about how my plants are doing. I am happy to say that they are all thriving. I know it may not look like they have grown a lot in six months but avocado trees are slow. They may not be fully grown for another 8-9 years! And only then would the avocado trees (if even successful) grow actual fruit. When I wrote my previous post about my avocado plants I had only three seeds that had sprouted but only a week after that post my last seed decided to give it a go as well so now I have four lovely plants.

This one is my favorite because it looks like it has evolved the most. It also seems to have the healthiest leaves.

I love that all four avocado plants look different. It may be because of the timing and way I nipped the tops off , that they decided to go in different direction. My favorite is the first one from the right. I love how it has split the stems at the top and seems to grow at a stable pace. The second avocado plant is the one that has actually fared the best though as it has developed the best stem. It’s nice and thick which will result in a good stable tree. The third plant I’ve had to nip again as it just keeps growing and I don’t like how thin the stem has become. And then we come to the last one, well what can you say? It is the most stubborn of all four avocado trees. When it was in the glass jar still propagating my lovely cat Garfie decided to chew off half it’s stem. Right then and there I thought ‘oh well it was good while it lasted’ but nope it decided to keep growing resulting in me having to nip the top off after a while. Did it stop to grow? Not at all! For some reason that avocado plant just won’t do what I want it to do and that is to spread a bit more before adding height to itself. It is the plant with the biggest leaves but those are not to much help when there aren’t even many of them to begin with. And if you look closely it looks like I may need to nip that one again. Aaargh

So that concludes my update on my avocado plants, will try to do avocado updates on a regular six month basis so hope you all stick around 🙂

You can see how much thicker this stem is compared to the other avocado trees.

You can see how much bushier the other avocado trees look from above compared to #4.

PS. I know some of the leaves on the avocado trees don’t look too happy. This would be due to a surge in sunny weather in London in the past few days (I keep them all in my bedroom window) and I forgot to water them so the leaves dried out a bit. Also I think it may be time for the plants to go into bigger pots soon.



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