These chocolate and almond protein balls are very quick and easy to make and can be stored in the fridge for a quick grab and go if you are heading out and are feeling a bit peckish. One of the main reasons I love to bake is because I then know exactly what I have put in my bakes instead of trying to figure out all the different preservatives that are listed on the ingredient list. They are my go to for when I am craving something sweet but try to be healthier. The only sweetness you get from these protein balls is from the dates themselves. That’s it! No added sugars and no other junk. Now the dates are the most important ingredient and it matters which ones you use. Medjool dates are best for protein balls as they are soft and blend much easier than other kinds of dates that may be a bit harder. If you can not find any and only have the harder variant I recommend soaking them in some warm water beforehand to soften them up. I also only use almond butter that has 100% almonds in it. These nut butters may be a bit pricier than the ones that have other ingredients in them but if you can make almond butter with just almonds then there is no point in buying one that has palm oil for example as it is clearly not needed. Good for you and good for the environment and wildlife!

Equipment needed – Food processor


3/4 cup of almonds

7-8 medjool dates pitted (depending on their size you may need more or less)

1-2 tbs almond butter made with 100% almonds

3 tbs cocoa powder

2 tbs chia seeds

1 tbs protein powder (any will do, depends on what you have at home, I usually use why protein)


Put the almonds in the food processor and pulse until small grains form. Don’t pulse for too long or the almonds will become almond flour and the protein balls taste best with a little crunch in them. Add the pitted medjool dates and pulse again until it is all blended together. Now add the rest of the ingredients and pulse until it all starts resembling a soft dough. Take the protein ball dough out of the food processor, roll them and enjoy them :)!


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