Quick banana and date cookies

With everything that has been going on lately I have found myself in the house not doing much most days. While it has been nice to get a break, having two part time jobs before all this virus stuff started happening. And since I can’t work from home I have

Growing avocado tree from seed pt.2

I have noticed that my post from six months ago about growing avocado plants from a seed (see post here) has had a lot of views lately so I thought I would give a little update about how my plants are doing. I am happy to say that they are

Almond and plum tart

I never used to be a big plum person, and then we moved to our house in Sweden when I was a teenager which had a plum tree in the garden. Funny enough our neighbor had one as well, whose branches would reach out onto our property. They were great

Oatmeal cookies on a tray

Apple and cinnamon cookies

OK, so I have realized that I have neglected this website lately(juggling two jobs since September has not been the easiest) but that needs to stop. With everything that has been going on in the world,and the fact that I have days where I don’t have to go anywhere, I

Chocolate and almond protein balls.

These chocolate and almond protein balls are very quick and easy to make and can be stored in the fridge for a quick grab and go if you are heading out and are feeling a bit peckish. One of the main reasons I love to bake is because I then

Blogging about baking!

While I wanted this to primarily be a gardening blog I do understand that I won’t always have something about gardening to blog about so I have decided to blog about my first passion as well and that is baking. While I most of the times have followed recipes in

Growing avocado tree from seed

Now that the summer is over and I don’t have as much time to do anything in the garden for the time being (trying to balance two part-time jobs while looking for a full-time one while also trying to finish my studies has been absolutely draining to be honest) I

Wake up,work,eat,sleep……

Unfortunately I had to neglect the blog for a while. Life has kept me busy. Had an exam to prepare for, have also been taking driving lessons and had the theory exam to prepare for as well, very busy at work, also very busy trying to find other work as

courgette seedling


Thought for my first post I would write about my lovely courgette plant and its progress so far. I have always wanted to have a garden but living in London and trying to find a place to live where having a garden was possible has not been easy nor cheap.

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